Elasticsearch version in grafana 9

My elasticsearch version is 7.4.2 and I want to add it as a data source in Grafana 9, but Grafana 9 only supports version 7.10+. please guide me

As far as I know, it won’t work. Upgrade Elastic or keep older version of Grafana. Do you know Elastic has end of life dates where they stop applying patches, like security patches? I’ll bet 7.4.2 is no longer supported. I know Elastic will stop support of 7.17 in 10 months.

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Thank you, but regardless of this issue, I added data sources from Elasticsearch related to various indices to Grafana 9 and imported dashboards from Grafana version 6 to Grafana version 9. Also, I made a dashboard with these data sources in Grafana 9, But I can’t lucene query to data sources version 7.4.2 in Grafana 9 , that’s my only problem.
Can this problem be due to incompatibility of versions?

Hi, i have the same problem. I’ve upgraded Grafana 8.4.6 to 9.2.3, but ElasticSearch version remained 7.4.0. Now DataSource of ELS appears with error below: “Support for Elasticsearch versions after their end-of-life (currently versions < 7.10) was removed”
I can’t upgrade ELS to 7.10 at this moment, so the only solution is to find Grafana version which close to 9 and competable with ELS 7.4.0. Please suggest if you know one?