This is a version question

When I configure Elasticsearch with version 7.3.0 on Grafana with version 5.0.3, the system prompts me :

please help me how should I do?

Thank’s for your help.

Hi, Grafana 5.0.3 is a very old version of Grafana which doesn’t receive any updates (including security updates) anymore. If it’s possible, I’d recommend that you update your Grafana to Grafana 7 or newer. It might solve your problem (Elasticsearch 7 was released almost a year after Grafana 5, it is possible that the Elasticsearch data source in Grafana 5 is not compatible with ES7).

thanks for your response.

if I don’t update, how can I continue operation? or I can’t finish configuring?

Additionally, I had a test. It is the same issue when using Grafana 7.8.0 and ES 7.3 and configures the version is 6.X.
Does that mean: first I choose the version same the ES’s version and second I only can choose a version in current Grafana support of ES?

Look forward to your professional advice.

Thanks again.