Elasticsearch stack monitoring with Grafana v8


I’m currently using Grafana to perform multi-cluster elasticsearch stack monitoring. I’m using a modified version of this out-of-date dashboard: Elasticsearch Monitoring based on X-Pack stats dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

A friend sent me this link a while back: How we’re working with the Elastic team to make the Elasticsearch data source for Grafana even more powerful | Grafana Labs and this piqued my interest:

Up to now, Grafana was aiming to support only OSS-Elasticsearch features, but starting with Grafana 8.1.0 (in beta now), the target has shifted to include X-Pack features that are still free to use.

I was wondering, is anyone using grafana for elasticsearch stack monitoring?
If so, how are they doing it?
Do the latest updates from grafana in partnership with elastic make this any easier?

I’ve upgraded my grafana to v8.2.5 and I can see that there is now an XPack Enabled switch on the elasticsearch datasources, but it’s not entirely clear what this actually does…

Thanks. So it’s actually including a couple of XPack features, but not the ones I want. :sob:
Ah well, I live in wait.