Edit option on panel is missing on dropdown menu

I’m using the opensource version, and when I created my dashboard, there was always an edit option on the dropdown menu on a panel. I am logged in as Admin, or tried different users with different rights, and that option disappeared from my dropdown menu for any user role. The only option on the menu is
View, Share, Explore, Inspect

How can I get it back so I can change something on my dashboard?

Is there in repeatable panel? Or the origin panel?

In repeatable panel,
if you have variable that allow multiple value or All value, just select single value first.

If not repeatable panel, I don’t know what is the problem.

It is the original dashboard, with panels.

If I create a new dashboard and add panels the edit is back

Maybe you can try to make not editable from Dashboard Properties, save, refreash, then make editable again, save, and refresh.

Found it in panel properties