Duplicate numbers in legends

The numbers in the legend are duplicated. how to fix it?

Can you provide a screenshot of your queries and transformations used to create the graph?

Try putting a meaningful description of your data (e.g. Room 1 Temperature) in the ALIAS box. Do the same for Query B. Then see what displays on your legend.

I clarify the question because we did not understand each other. I mean repeating degrees from the left side, e.g. 2 x 19.4

OK, that is the y-axis (not the legend).

You can change the number of decimal places…

Yep but they are still duplicate.
and I don’t want to make 5 decimal places but only 1
if I do only one query and not two, the y-axis is still duplicated

I believe the only way you can avoid this issue is to expand the number of decimal places.