Graph doesn't match data

I don’t understand why this graph doesn’t look anything like the data.

Looking at the data, it seems like it should just be a flat line. Instead it shows lots of peaks and valleys, and it repeats the axis label on the left side. Based on looking at my other graphing application, it looks like there IS some variation in the current, but Grafana is just hiding the details.

I guess I’ll try to post the other graph in a comment.

Any thoughts?

Hey, did you get it to work? In my opinion the graph and data matches. You can see from the axis that values are close to 149 as is shown in the table. The problem seems to be that data is rounded in a wrong way, to int maybe and aggregated on a different time interval.

I am absolutely not happy with what I’ve gotten to work so far. I ended up forcing it to display 3 decimal places on the left Y-axis. To me this looks like a bug, as “149” is displayed at multiple different points along the Y-axis. At best, I have a “workaround”.

Hi @waukeena, it looks like you found the right solution - which was to edit the configuration to add more decimal points to the values on the axis. Based on your earlier message, this kind of sounds like the desired outcome. Can you say a few words about why it’s still not what you were after?

@svetb it’s not what I was after because it required manual intervention to make the Y-axis make sense. Ideally it should NOT duplicate labels along the Y-axis. One possible solution would be to automatically increase the number of decimal places displayed along the Y-axis if duplicate values are going to be displayed. There’s clearly already some code in place to scale these values automatically.

The data that I graph can vary widely based on the time period selected. Sometimes the minimum value will be 0 and the maximum will be 6000. Sometimes, for the same span of time, it will only vary between 5999.2 and 6000.1. Other times I’ll have a graph that spans from 0 to 1, or on another time period, from 6.9e-8 to 6.65e-8. Right now, the auto-scale only works sometimes.