Data does not match Y axis values

I’m running grafana-5.3.4 on a Linux system, which is querying an InfluxDB database. One of the graphs that I’m using renders data from 2 different queries. One of the queries if fine (temperature). However, the other query (AQI) does not line up with the Y axis values correctly. This image illustrates the problem:

Is this a bug, or am I potentially doing something wrong?


I have the same problem. (but when displaying only one graph (for ex, by clicking on the green “free” graph label on the right, the Y axis becomes correct. Only when the two graphs are displayed at once , the Y Axis is displayed with wrong values …

Do you have a solution / Do you remember your solution (I see it was long time ago …)

It appears this problem still exists. My data is in the range of 70-80, and the axis labels go from ~70-160. Wonder if it’s a coincidence that the upper limit is doubled.