Possible bug? Or simply ID 10 T error?


I have a dashboard that uses Influxdb as a source and has variables for the host.

One of the graphs shows a count (whole number) and another data point which is time-based (how much time it took in seconds e.g. 0.031415.) The units are set for left and right y-axis (none and seconds) and the response time is set to the right y-axis. When I display values for 1 item, it shows it in ms or s, etc. When I have 2 items, the first item has units, the 2nd item doesn’t show any units.


Am I missing something? I’m still learning all the nuances…



what version of Grafana are you using?


I’m using version 5.0.4.

Here’s another example. The value give for this 1 request is 0 but should have been 13 ms. I have a table with the same data, it displays correctly.



@torkel - do you know if I’m missing a setting, or is it a bug? I can log a bug on github if that’s what it looks like. I just want to make sure.


could be a bug, can you replicate on https://play.grafana.org/?orgId=2 ?

I might be able to with the “client side full page load” data.

I’ll try it out and send an update. I authorized it against “grafana.com” but I can’t seem to log in.


I’ve upgraded my instance of grafana to 5.1.0 and I’m still having the same issue. Anything I need to do to “refresh” or delete a cache or something like that?

I wasn’t able to do anything on play.grafana.com because I’m not a member of a group … if you can give me permissions, I’m sure I can do something on there to replicate the data I’m using.


I figured out what the issue is after trying to reproduce in play.grafana.org. It seems that when I set the Y-axis for the 2nd value, I had originally only one probe showing. This is what got selected for the Series specific overrides and therefore I only have that one probes value for the y-axis. By changing it to a regular expression which encompasses all the values possible for that series, it now shows everything correctly.

From a UI perspective, it would be more intuitive to have an “axis” option in the query. That way, you can select that field to be on the Right Y-Axis in the query itself. It would be easier to figure out which part of the query or if you have multiple queries/sources, which one of those, is plotted against which Right and Left Y-axes.