Dual Y Axis Not Showing Data

I’m trying to get a dual Y Axis panel going. Trying to map Upload speed in (Mbps) on Left and Latency in (ms) on Right

For some reason the Right Y axis is not showing up in my case. And I cannot figure out how to associate the Latency dataset with the right axis. Here are my panel settings

My field settings are BLANK.

I will submit overrides image in next post. Discourse is preventing more than 2 links.

Any thoughts on how to solve this mystery. The Field Override section of the documents does not help

Here are my Overrides settings


You need to assign one of your time series to the right axis. To do so, you need to create a serie override like this:

Or you can follow these steps (and it will create the series override for you:

  1. In the panel legend, click the colored line next to the name of the time series.
  2. In the Colors pop-up, click the Y-Axis tab, and enable Use right y-axis .

Thank you for those instructions. Worked like a charm.

I’m using the UI embedded in Home Assistant, and I don’t see either of the options you describe anywhere. I can’t locate a “Panel” tab with a “Series overrides” option, and I do not see a “Y-axis” tab when I click the colored line from the panel legend.