Time series - right axis not showing?

I have a simple time series panel, Influx v2 query with several fields showing the results no problem.

But when I set one or more fields to have Axis-Placement = right it gets ignored; nothing I do makes a right axis appear.

Other overrides like name, min, max etc all work, but I can only get the one axis on the left.

Any ideas?

Hi @pseudocoder

Are you running Grafana v7 or v8?

If you happen to be on Grafana 8, setting an override for the unit on the second axis fixed a similar issue for me.

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Hi, same Problem here. I make an override, set Axis Placement to the right side, but always show on left side.
Source InfluxDB.
I use Grafana v8

you also need a override unit to what you need

Yeah…thanks. It works now.

It’s work, Many thanks.