Dropdown Component missing on @grafana/ui

Hello Everybody,

I am not possible to use the Dropdown component that should be at @grafana/ui in accord with the documentation:

When I try to import it, I got the message:

import Dropdown

Module ‘“@grafana/ui”’ has no exported member ‘Dropdown’.ts(2305)

I am importing the component like:

import { Dropdown } from ‘@grafana/ui’;

I am using the grafana ui version 9.0.6 and I also tried on version 8.5.0.

p.s.: If I go to the library → @grafana/ui → components → I did not found the Dropdown, just the DropdownIndicator.

Please, any help would be very appreciate.


haha we are finding the same problems this week @companymvms . They have removed it from the storybook. I saw it on Monday here Webpack App, planned to use it in the plugin I’m making. Now I come to use it on Friday and it’s gone. Welcome to Grafana plugin dev :stuck_out_tongue: . Just kidding.

I think we will have to fork it from here grafana/Dropdown.tsx at main · grafana/grafana · GitHub. Looks like it’s going to be in Grafana 9.1.0 beta Dropdown: New dropdown component by torkelo · Pull Request #52684 · grafana/grafana · GitHub .

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Thank you very much for this information!