Missing Components in grafana/ui

Found some interesting components in the Storybook I like to play with, but when I try to import it its missing. e.g. InlineSwitch, InlineFieldRow, InlineLabel …

So whats the magic behind this?

How are you importing the components currently?

It should look something like this:

import { InlineFieldRow } from '@grafana/ui';

Wow. I did it exactly that way, and vscode told me its not in @grafana/ui. Then I checked the components and did’nt found anything. So I upgraded with yarn @grafana/ui. Now after your answer I startet vscode again and now its finding the components. Can it be that it was just added recently?

Thanx so far.

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The new form components were added in 7.3, so if you use them, keep in mind that your users will need to have Grafana >=7.3.0 to use your plugin.

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Yeah I keep that in mind. And I think even newer version. Found in den logs that InlineSwitch was added on January 11th. After trying out the InlineSwitch I got in error in the console. So I updated to grafana 7.4 and it worked. So I think there is alot going on in the UI atm.

Maybe would be an idea to show version number in den storyboard docs, in which version to us.