Drill Down in bar graph

I would like to create a drill down in my bar chart, so I could click on the individual bars, and be sent to a new site with a variable set to the name of the bar;

Here’s an image of the bar graph. What I want is to be able to insert for example node-test-100 in a link when I click on the far left bar. Is this possible?

i think you can do that using datalink options

quick example of use from me
in my case i have to do it with override option to be able to target specific table column “id” reference of ticket. i use it in link to redirect to ticketing tool

use data value like in the doc :

hope it’s help

It doesn’t seem to work, but thanks for the attempt!

why not ? this is the only way to do datalink i believe, share me your result if you want more guiding on this.

Sure thing!
This is the override I added;

This is how it’s written in the SQL query;

And this is how it’s shown;

Where would the link be?

on hover and click you should see something like that on your graph bar like this

what is grafana version ? do you using timeseries panel or barchart panel?

I’m using a barchart panel. Should I be using timeseries?

no no my example is with Bar chart, did you find the option ?
as you can see on my screenshot i was able to make the link you can see it in the hover mouse information.

Yeah, for some reason it doesn’t work for me. My company might be using a older version of grafana?

maybe that’s why i ask , you can see it on your profile button on bottom left.
would you try with a simpler example ? you can use dummy data source like me “TestData DB” , this is a special data source (built-in) made for that.