Using data link for drill-down

I’m playing with 6.3 and was trying to use the data link to drill down in my chart. I have a stacked chart with multiple series, and hoped to click in the area of interest and lead the user to another dashboard for that series with additional metrics.
I can generate the url with {__series}&{__url_time_range} to get me to the other dashboard, but how do I make that dashboard pick up the value passed as series? I see there’s a “series=ABC” parameter in the URL, but how do I pick that up? I tried to define a variable “series” for the dashboard, hoping it would automatically select that one. Doesn’t seem to do the trick.
How is this supposed to work? -Rob

You need to define a variable not that other dashboard and set it using the url syntax var-myname=Value

Hej, Torkel.
I can get to the target screen with the “?var-(field)=(value)” in the URL, but when I define the data link as


The URL generated has this:


So I can make it happen with a data link defined as "…?var-{__series_name}" and name my variable "series" which is probably more restrictive than you meant it. I think we need {__series_name} just generate the name, and leave the rest of the annotation in the data link.


PS It’s pretty hard to get the pop-up show the data link rather than just the option for annotation. I suppose that’s because for my fixed interval samples most of the time you’re in between two data samples. Unlike the hover tooltip that binds to the nearest point, this annotate/datalink thing seems very picky.