Does the Grafana 9 Alert have an annotation for template variables? (Image Rendering)

What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?

  • Grafana 9.0.0

What are you trying to achieve?
I use jmx exporter and set alarm-rule by using Reduce Expression .
Preview Alert state and Annotations setting is like this.

But When the alarm state changes and the image is sent to the Slack, the image is sent only to A instance img as the representative template variable in the dashboard, regardless of the instances A, B, or C.

Regarding this, I wonder if there is an Annotation setting or other setting method for sending the correct image when rendering the image after setting the alarm.

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This could be due to a limitation of image rendering noted here

  • When alerts generated by different alert rules are sent in a single notification, there may be screenshots for each alert rule. This happens if an alert group contains multiple alerting rules. The order the images are attached is random. If you need to guarantee the ordering of images, make sure that your alert groups contain a single alerting rule.
  • Some contact points only handle a single image. In this case, the first image associated with an alert will be attached. Because the ordering is random, this may not always be an image for the same alert rule. If you need to guarantee you receive a screenshot for a particular rule, make sure that your alert groups contain a single alerting rule.