Grafana Unified Alerting + screenshots in emails


  • Grafana: 9.1.6 (92461d8d1e)
  • Grafana Image Renderer: 3.6.1

I have a dashboard with repeating rows for a variable. The row contains a panel on which I defined an alert using Grafana unified alerting. I’m using multi-dimensional alerting to create multiple alert instances. The notifications are sent by email. All of this works fine.

When testing and triggering alerts for several instances of the variable, I noticed that in each email the same panel screenshot (first on the page for the first variable instance) is included even though the labels and values correspond to other variable instances.

Is this a limitation?

The only information I found that could be related was on Images in notifications where it states:

Some contact points only handle a single image. In this case, the first image associated with an alert will be attached.