I get multiple images instead of one (Grafana 9.2.5)

I get multiple images in the alert message at telegram by the number of alerts instead of one image as in the previous version of Grafana (8.5.10).
How can I fix this? I want only one image at my alert message.

Hi! You will receive an image per alert as alerts in the same notification can fire at different times. If we just send one screenshot per notification some alerts might not have screenshots,
have screenshots of a different panel depending on grouping, or the screenshots might show the right panel but from the wrong time.

You can however have each alert, with screenshot, sent as a separate notifications by changing the grouping in the notification policy.

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Is there any way I can trigger just one alarm for one query even if it’s multi-dimensional? Or better yet, to turn everything in a one-dimensional result (just like avg from the classical conditions works) so that I don’t get more than one screenshot of the same panel?

Hi! Did you find any workaround to this problem?

Hello @georgerobinson, can you give us an example of what would be a best practice to use this function? I mean, the best way of take advantage of this.

It would be useful if every image shows only the data of the affected series. I tried with a Stats panel with variables but it doesn’t work.

Thank you in advance!

Hi! :wave: I’m afraid at this time, we’re not planning to support images that show just the affected series. The reason is for large users who have 100s or even 1000s of alert rules, taking a screenshot for each separate series could result in taking 10,000s of screenshots over a short period of time, which is not sustainable. Instead, what Grafana does is take the screenshot once and the caches it for 1 minute. If another alert fires within the same minute, the screenshot is re-used, otherwise a new screenshot is taken from the dashboard.

I appreciate that for users with just have a couple of alerts this can be a bit frustrating, but we have to take users of all different kinds into consideration, from those monitoring something in their home to our largest users who can be monitoring 10,000s of series at a time.

Thanks for your answer, I understand the reasons, it seems like the best strategy. In particular we have more than 500s alert rules, so it makes sense that Grafana doesn’t take houndreds of screenshots.

In this context, my previous question was related on the scenary that you are referring to: I have some alert rules with 200+ series that eventually can fire at the same time (in a real scenario it can be around 30), so in that case the Telegram notification triggers 1 message with the grouped series, and 30 repeated images.

So, the thing I want to understand is what’s the utility of this logic? In which case would it be useful for me to see the same image for each alerted series, especially if it is the same image?

Thank you again for your time and good willingness.