Panel screenshot regeneration during alerts

I am using grafana 9.3.6 and grafana-image-renderer 3.6.4.

I can’t figure out how to force grafana to recreate a screenshot of the panel with new data when sending repeated and resolved events.

When an alert is triggered for the first time, everything works normally, a screenshot is created and sent to all specified channels. But when sending reminders or resolving the problem, the same screenshot from the first message comes.

How can I force grafana to create a new screenshot every time it is sent?



any luck with this “feature”?


Hi! From the docs:

Grafana takes at most two screenshots for each alert: once when the alert fires and again when the alert is resolved. Screenshots are not re-taken over the lifetime of the alert, instead you should open the panel in Grafana to follow the data in real time. In addition, depending on how alerts are grouped in your notification policies, Grafana might send a notification with many screenshots of the same panel. This happens because Grafana does not know how your alerts are grouped at the time a screenshot is taken, and so acts conservatively by taking a screenshot for every alert.

Depending on how the alert is resolved, the screenshot in the notification can be the original screenshot. It depends how the condition is resolved. For example, the series disappears, the series is no longer exceeding the threshold, the rule is updated/deleted, etc.

I remember reading something like “Screenshots are not re-taken over the lifetime of the alert”
Strange it is not an option.
Basicaly there is no point in screenshots after first alert. Because if you have alerts triggered on multiple devices, you would like to see them on screenshot also. Because they could/will change during the alert cycle.


I also found some github issue.
Leaving it here just in case: Include screenshot URL to Telegram message · Issue #123 · grafana/alerting · GitHub

Well those would be separate alerts (presuming multi-dimensional alerting), so a screenshot is taken for each device in that example. But for each device, the screenshot is not re-taken between the device firing and the device being resolved.