Does Grafana Agent include OpenTelemetry Collector?

I saw the phrase below in the Grafana Agent documentation.

This is done using the upstream OpenTelemetry Collector.

If so, is the path to which Tempo’s trace is delivered is OpenTelemetry Instrumentation -> OpenTelemetry Collector -> Grafana Agent -> Tempo or OpenTelemetry Instrumentation -> Grafana-> Tempo?

In other words, if the Grafana Agent is already installed, is there no need to install OpenTelemetry Collector separately?

Thank you

No, its:

OpenTelemetry Instrumentation -> Grafana Agent -> Tempo

Grafana Agent = OpenTelemetry Collector + some Grafana (not as Grafana product, but as Grafana company) specific features. Tempo is a OpenTelemetry compatible trace stoage, so you can use any OTEL compatible collector, e.g.:

OpenTelemetry Instrumentation -> OpenTelemetry Collector -> Tempo


OpenTelemetry Instrumentation -> ADOT Collector -> Tempo

Of course you need correct authentication.