Is it possible to send traces from the otel collector to the cloud base Tempo service

we have in out K8s cluster an open telemetry collector running. It is receiving traces and exporting them to Lightstep. Is it possible to send the traces to your tempo offering without having to install the Grafana agent?

Hi, yes it is possible. This blog post should be helpful: How to send traces to Grafana Cloud's Tempo service with OpenTelemetry Collector | Grafana Labs The main step is to add the Authorization header for your Grafana Cloud tenant and api key to the collector’s exporter section. Please let me know if this isn’t working for you. Thanks.


Hi mdisbio,

I tried your documentation regarding to grafana tempo with collector config , it does not work with grpc here is my configuration :

     authorization: "Basic <xxxxxxxxxxxxx>"

I put the api key inside the < >,like xxxx above

when tried to call tempo it’s always showing this error :

2022-04-20T03:29:31.456Z	error	exporterhelper/queued_retry.go:257	Exporting failed. No more retries left. Dropping data.	{"component_kind": "exporter", "component_type": "otlp", "component_name": "otlp", "error": "max elapsed time expired failed to push trace data via OTLP exporter: rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = Unauthorized: HTTP status code 401; transport: received the unexpected content-type \"application/json\"", "dropped_items": 35}

Please help