Docker image licensing

Hey folks,

What is the last version of the grafana/grafana docker image that is still on the Apache license?

Hi @somtochiama just wanted to point you to Grafana relicensing to AGPLv3 - question on versions - #14 by mattabrams in case you haven’t seen that already. I would assume that the docker images are licensed the same way as the code that is packaged (unless stated otherwise somewhere?)

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@somtochiama, I’m getting extra clarity from our licensing team about this but I am quite confident that @svetb’s answer is correct.

The original repo that held the Dockerfile and build scripts for creating grafana images was outside the grafana/grafana repo. This repo was Apache2. That repo was archived and the files were added to the main grafana/grafana repo years ago, so they are since licensed the same as any other files in any other grafana/grafana release.

By extension, as Svet said, I believe that our docker images inherit whatever license the packaged code is under at that point in time.

As I said, I will get extra confirmation here, but basically: the grafana/grafana:7.5.5 docker image should have inherited the Apache2 license from the underlying v7.5.5 code.

This will change for sure to AGPLv3 starting with Grafana V8