Distribution Grafana from own docker registry after change license to AGPLv3

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We copy Grafana images from Docker hub to our docker registry as-is and tag them.
Our customers install Grafana on their premises using official helm chart, but download images from our registry. We do it with this way because they want to open temporary access to the one docker registry only.

How the new AGPLv3 license regulate this “distribution” ?

  • We don’t change Grafana image
  • It is not part of our software
  • We distribute it using our docker registry.

The same question is applicable to Loki.

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Hi there, what you’re doing appears to be covered by our re-licensing FAQ here in this section:

A few users and customers ship Grafana as part of a service or as a way to monitor their product, like Red Hat Openshift and Cloud Foundry. Would the AGPL license prevent them from doing that?

Unmodified distributions are not affected. AGPL does not prevent customers from shipping Grafana as long as they follow the terms of the license. In the case of Openshift and CloudFoundry, that source is already open, so there is no issue.

Thank you, @samcoren

I’ve seen this case in FAQ but the main difference is that our software is not open source like Openshift and CloudFoundry.
And the ou Legacy Department’s consern is that we distibute Grafana from our docker registry.

In section 9 of AGPL license said:

“However, nothing other than this License grants you permission to propagate or modify any covered work. These actions infringe copyright if you do not accept this License.”

Does it mean that in order to “propagate” Grafana we have to make our software open-sorced?
What happens if we just “help” our client to install Grafana providing them helm command and helm values file?

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Hi sam slight_smile:

Hi all, and Sam thank you for the reply.

I have the same concern as above - we can’t open source our software.

By distributing Grafana unmodified, i.e. official docker container → our registry → helm chart which packages it with our application, would the “terms of the license” require us to open source the rest of our application?

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