Change the licensing of Grafana from Apache to AGPL

Hello Team,

We get to know that Grafana announced to change the licensing of Grafana from Apache to AGPL.
Can you please answer below question:

  1. When this change will be implemented?
  2. From which version of Grafana, this change shall be impacted?
  3. What all client libraries doen not have impact of this change


I think you need to dig in the GitHub tags. For instance; LICENSE file for “v7.5.5” was “Apache License”, whereas the HEAD is AGPLv3.

Hello Thanks, however if i look into the downlaod page of 7.5.5 it still says Apache

Does 6.x version is impacted to this licensing change?


As I said; 7.5.5 is still Apache License. Next released version will most probably be AGPL.

This is probably the info you’re looking for: Grafana relicensing to AGPLv3 - question on versions - #14 by mattabrams