Display string value from SQL database

Hi could you let me know the best way to display a string value from a PostgreSQL database?

Am trying to use single stat but it is not picking up any values

Panels work with numeric values usually. So choose panel which is more suitable for strings. Table panels is a good start.

Thanks Jan. When I do a table it makes the string the column header and doesnt work properly. Also I only want to show the latest string in the column only - so think singlestat would be better for this.
The column has strings with advice like “the temperature is too hot - turn on the aircon” or “the temperature is too cold - turn on the heating” etc and I only want to display this string on its own with no other info. Is there a way to do that with a table or should I use something else? Thx

Hi have solved this now by making a table, showing the latest value and not displaying the time column. Would be good if I could increase the size of the font in the table and also change the font type