Display names for bar gauge (Series[0]...)

Hi all!

I have such data:

I wand to group the data by “series”. It’s ok if visualization type is Table:

But the type is Bar gauge labels of bars does not take needed values (3ЭС5К, 2ЭС5К, 2ТЭ116У):

Could you please say how to fix it?

Have you tried the variable form ${__series.keyword}? (TWO underscores)

I know in my v7 ${__series.name} outputs the name correctly (which is also the default if nothing specified).

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Nope. Returns something strange

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$__cell_0 worked


How can I added to the query?

I added to Display name

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Thanks @albertugatu.
This is my issue:

I think using this macro I can join the 2 columns, can you please correct me if I am wrong?

Sorry, but I don’t know

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