Display multiple Grafana appliances in 1 view and access them externally?

I’m currently in the process of setting up the second CHECKMK appliance and there will probably be 2-3 more. For each network, I will use Grafana servers in the DMZ that can be accessed via the Internet. Now the question is whether there is a solution that allows me to connect all Grafana instances in a single appliance. So that I can always access the system externally. We still have a data center there where we could create a Linux server or Windows server.

Are there already solutions for this scenario, or how did you solve this in your deployment?

Thank You :slight_smile:


You can create single Grafana instance and create multiple Organization to handle your requirement.
Each organization have their own Datasources, and you can set the usr to particular organization as well.

And then you can build specific dashboard for the related organization without interfere other organization.