Access one Grafana instance via two different domain

Hi there,
Recently my team are checking if Grafana can support multi tenant There is one scenario I am not sure if Grafana can achieve this
We want ot deliver one single Grafana instance to two customers . they will see different dashboard and different data source. the access to the same instance but with different domain for example . customer A www.tenanta, customer B . while the access from different domain. Grafana as server side can wrap the tenant info of the url and use it to the assemble different http service (hence will get different data source) . meaning grafana dynamically choose which http service to consume by different access url . Would be possibile for this kind of extension ?
thanks a lot for the help in advance .

I’d recommend just setting up two separate instances. What you’re describing might be possible with a fair bit of customization (and/or some clever proxying), but I doubt it would be worth the effort.