Display external image in dashboard, url based on query

Hi everybody,

I process images and store final image urls in a database, that is connected to grafana to show some metrics in a dashboard.

Is it possible to add a panel, thats shows an image via absolute url, where the url is coming out of a database query?

Did you ever get an answer to this question? I would like to do the same.

I do it with a MySQL datasource using the old (Grafana v6) table panel using the Sanitize HTML option. The new (v7) table panel does not have that option unfortunately but you can (at the moment) still use old (v6) table panels on v7. If you are starting with v7 I think you can alter the JSON of a v7 table panel so the type is table-old.

You just have a column which selects the necessary HTML to display your image, something like this:
CONCAT('<img src="$URLPrefix', filename, '" height="200">') as 'img' from … where …`

And then add a column style to that column and enable the Sanitize HTML option and the HTML will be rendered in the browser.