Display Data in Graph Panel for some Custom Range for time in X-Axis

I think the answer is that Grafana is designed as a real-time display of data
from a time-series database, and although you can click into graphs and see
different time ranges (such as one day three months ago) when you want to do a
bit of analysis, the general expectation is that the system always tells
what’s going on right now, and for some definable period into the past.

It’s not really intended to show you today’s data and stay like that into
tomorrow, the next day, and so on. I mean, when should it change to show you
“today’s” data the next time (for whatever day you want to define as “today”
sometime next week or whenever)?


In case it has not already been mentioned you can specify a time range by setting the range in the URL. So if you have a regular requirement for particular ranges you could set up a set of links on a web page somewhere or in a document that take you to those ranges.

Why can’t implement this same thing for Graph Panel too? (just like gave option to mention some time (epoch) range in URL)

Hey i know its an old thread, is there anyway f doing the reverse. As in for my use case I dont want the flexibility of the timepicker, so I have made template variables, but the x-axis on the graph panels doesnt change when i change the template variable.

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I am also facing the same problem, I dont see any solution for this

Also some time the bar graph is not showing the value for some time variables, when we apply different time range

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