Discord notifications not showing image

Hey there,

new grafana user here, was just setting up discord notification, and when i sent the test notification it sent successfully, with image and all

but then i tested the aactual alert and the notification sent without any image, just the text i entered as a messae and the value that the alert was triggered on.

how do i get discord images to work? ive set the send images to on but i still don’t get images in discord.

any help appreciated!

Sounds like you have not configured external image storage? Configuration settings in the docs: https://grafana.com/docs/installation/configuration/#external-image-storage

The test image is just a placeholder and is maybe misleading in this case.

no i have not configured external image storage since to me it looks like all the image storage options are paid.

(well i have tried setting the storage to local, but even when manually looking in the folder no images appeared)

is there any way to use external image storage without having to pay for a server? maybe something like imgur?