Discord alert graph image is wrong

I want my alerts to go to Discord with an image of the graph. I have them all setup the way I want, and when I did a test run when adding the Discord webhook it showed the example (https://grafana.com/assets/img/blog/mixed_styles.png) in Discord.
However, when real alerts come through, instead of displaying the graph image it displays the “Home Dashboard”, seen here https://i.imgur.com/90UjyUR.png.

I’m quite confused and not sure how to go about fixing this.

I’ve tried with multiple other alert methods, all are including the wrong image.
This is the render image log:
t=2020-01-22T23:04:01-0600 lvl=info msg=Rendering logger=rendering path=“d-solo/Iwx55nsWk/key-activity?orgId=1&panelId=24”

@zeusnet Had this same behavior on a 6.7 release. I upgraded to 7.0 which then instead of returning the home page picture it informed me I never had installed grafana-image-renderer. Installed that on the cli and made sure it was owned by the grafana user and restarted grafana. Images are now showing for me. Leaving this here for anyone else that stumbles upon this like I did.