Difference between loadimpact and grafana docker image


What is the difference between loadimpact and grafana docker image?

I’ve seen examples using both.

There is currently no difference between the two images, but you should use grafana/k6, because we’ll eventually deprecate and stop pushing new versions to loadimpact/k6 (see this GitHub issue).

For some context, loadimpact/k6 was the official k6 Docker image before Grafana Labs acquired Load Impact in 2021. We have continued pushing new versions to it because a lot of people have it hardcoded in their CI scripts - we didn’t want to break them for no reason. So we currently push the same docker images to both repositories when we build them.

We have tried to change all of our official installation instructions to point to the new docker repo, but we might have missed some :disappointed: Please share where you have seen examples with loadimpact/k6, so we can fix them.

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