Difference between IRM Users vs Users

I need to use Grafana Oncall, So I prefer to Pro cloud plan and need total of 8 users, but 3 free users are available, so I need to buy 5 additional users. But I am confused, do I need to buy IRM users as well? I didn’t understand the difference between Users vs IRM users.

Someone help me, please.


I am not a grafana sales person however from my understanding.
IRM is a seperately licensed feature.
We have the free plan as we use grafana cloud for managing on-call and irm(we have a team of 3 people so its actually perfect and does not limit us at all)

Cloud Pro plan gives you a total of 5 monthly acitve users note its not 5+the initial 3.

if you do not need IRM in itself then you can youse grafana cloud with oncall for the 5 users, to go beyond 5 users you will need to speak with grafana sales.
Note Grafana IRM is $20/active user/mo
Using there cost estimator for 8 users for grafana that are also licensed for IRM its about $213/mo

Without IRM that is only $53/mo which you can use oncall without irm, just need to decide if it is a use case for your org and if they are willing to spend money on you.

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