Active users limit in Grafana Cloud

Hi there,

I have a free Grafana Cloud license and the number of members are limited to 3. That’s right because through my account profile I only can manage 3 members. If I update to Pro license the number of members will increase only for 5, is that right? What if I want to share one dashboard to more users? Could I manage more than 5 users through my Pro account? What are the alternatives to share a dashboard with multiple users without upgrading to Pro?

Thank you

Hi @troc!

The Pro plan includes 5 users in the base subscription cost but there is no limit to how many teammates you can invite on the Pro plan.

If you would like to share a dashboard with someone but they do not necessarily need to be an invited member of your Grafana Cloud account, check out these sharing features:

Hi @Melody,

Thanks for your answer.

If I am right, it means that 5 users are included in the Pro Plan pricing, but adding more users has an extra cost (for example 5 dolars/per user and month). It is that true?

Regarding to sharing a dashboard with external users, what about the embedded option? Does it work properly?