Limit concurrent viewers/users of sharing dashboard

I want to clarify something up for myself. That information I find, is it true?
How many concurrent users/sessions can Grafana handle dashboard?
Grafana’s concurrent user handling depends on the specific version and deployment.

  1. Grafana Cloud and Enterprise:

    • Direct Link Sharing: You can share dashboards and panels using direct links. Authorized viewers can see the image rendered by the link.
    • Snapshots: Share interactive dashboard snapshots publicly. Grafana removes sensitive data, leaving only visible metric data and series names. Anyone with the link can access it¹.
    • Usage Insights Dashboard: Provides an overview of user engagement with Grafana Cloud, including activity metrics and per-stack data².
  2. Grafana Enterprise 7.5+:

    • Users can initiate up to three concurrent sessions. A session is created when a user signs in from a new device, browser, or incognito window³.

My comment: Login user can create and run query, login user mean just full access?

  1. Community Experience:
    • Some users have reported handling 10,000s of concurrent sessions, but real-world experience may vary⁵.

My comment: Is it mean only viewers with limited access?

My case: Possible more than 10K Viewers want to access to dashboard and use it as is. Some of them possible want to create own query. Is it possible in Grafana?