How many users can login from a single account simultaneously to grafana cloud 8? Is there any limit?

I have a single viewer account to give to many users, so that they may get an idea of the level of monitoring we provide using grafana. Is there any limit, a single account can be used for many simultaneous logins?

We are Grafana Cloud users (not the free tier, but the paid one with 10 users). I asked this question to Grafana support team back in March and here was their response, which I presume is still valid.

I figured out what is going on: there have been some recent updates to the Grafana software to limit the number of login sessions by a single user account: specifically, a single user is limited to three concurrent sessions.

The fourth login will be blocked? Or does it affect the organization account in any way? Can you tell me please!

If I recall correctly, the fourth login will be allowed, but one of the previous 3 logins will be automatically disconnected / logged out.

Okay!, thanks for helping!