What is the maximum number of users simulataneously login to Grafana under one Username?


I have a question regarding the number of users a grafana instance can handle simultaneously under one USERNAME?

The users will only have the read only access to the Grafana Dashboard. Will it impact Grafana?

Morover, the Grafana will be using Elastic Search, so having X many users simultanelously will imapct Elastic Search performance as well?

Thanks, and have a nice day ahead.


Are you using Grafana Cloud or Grafana OSS? With Cloud, I believe it’s limited to 3 simultaneous logins (with the same username).


I am using Open Source Version v7.1.1 (3039f9c3bd).

WIth OSS, I think you could have have dozens of read only users logged in under the same username and be fine (but to be honest, I have never tried it, as I work mostly with Cloud).

In case you experience automatic logouts, this post may be helpful.