Deploy Grafana 8.5.6 with ha on 2 OpenShift clusters

Hi everyone!

I need to deploy Grafana with high availability on 2 OpenShift clusters.

There is a unified alerts section in the grafana.ini file, which I configured correctly according to the Grafana documentation.

However, when the Grafana alert service tries to ping the other Grafana alert service, it encounters an error.

I might have an idea about the problem, and I would appreciate it if someone else who has faced this issue could share their experience and how they resolved it.

I created a NodePort for each Grafana alert service, allowing access from outside the cluster.

After the initial setup of the Grafana peers that used the IP of the cluster with the NodePort, it attempts to ping the IP of the pod. However, due to Grafana being located on different clusters, the IP of the pod becomes irrelevant.

Hi @ronitaktook,

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Grafana’s current latest stable version is 10.0.0 and the version you are using is a bit older now. Also, there are numerous bug fixes and improvements had been made along the releases (see Changelog)

The recommendation would be to test this in the recent stable version and if that does not work then feel free to report it here. (for now, I will now close this issue).

Now coming to your question, I might be not able to answer the Alerting part that well (as not expert with it) but as you mentioned that you want to setup a HA Grafana servers. For that please view the documentation regarding it.

As you find some reference how to setup Alerting for High Availiablity, one additional information to know (as also stated in the page) that change the Grafana default Backend Datbase from SQLite to either MySQL or PostreSQL.

Once you done these steps and still having issues with Alerting then please ask your question in the Alerting Categore

I hope this is helpful.