DateTime Anomaly

Hi Folks,

I’ve got a weird time issue with my self hosted Grafana instance.

I’m reading from an SQL database which stores the date and time of each entry in a field of type “datetime”. When I report on that field in Grafana it seems to be 1 hour ahead of the time actually stored in the database.

I have checked the contents of the records in the database and they are correct, with a new record added every minute. When I then report of that field in a table in Grafana the latest record is always exactly 1 hour ahead of the entry in the database (ie, an hour ahead of now). Clearly this causes issues with the reporting.

I have checked the time time zone of the originating machine for the data, and the Ubuntu server which is co-hosts the SQL database and the Grafana instance, and they are the same (BST). I have also checked the time zone of the SQL database as it is set to System, so I assume this is the same as the the server. In the GUI, Grafana is set to Local Browser time, but I don’t think this would effect the results as the table is showing the wrong time.

My query is just set to select from the table with the time column as the field for the timedate, and then select another field to plot.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get Grafana to report what is actually stored in the database field and not add on a hour which isn’t required?

Thanks muchly!