Date column time getting offset

I have a table that has column that is supposed to show time only. The MySQL query gives me time in this format :“2012-05-15T12:00:00Z”. I was applying the column style and declaring the file type as date and date format as “h:mm A”. But the time is getting offset by 5:30… For the above time of 12:00:00 it shows 5:30 PM. I have set the timezone in preference to “Local Browser time”. Is there something that I’m missing?

What timezone does your mysql server have and what timezone does your browser/computer have?

The setting Local Browser time assumes the mysql server is in UTC (which it in most cases should be :wink:)

Thanks! that helped! My MySQL was UTC and since I had set timezone in grafana to “Local Browser time” it was adding the offset. I changed grafana timezone to UTC and it is all looking good!

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