Datasources and Plugins are not getting listed in the Newly installed Grafana

I’ve installed Grafana opensource (grafana version 10.2.0) on a Rocky Linux VM. When I login to grafana and Navigate to the Datasources or the Plugins tab, it does not list any of the core plugins or the Datasources that are present/installed by default.
When I go to the plugins page or the Datasources page, it says “Loading Results” and keeps spinning. Also I get a Bad Gateway error message… Wondering if it trying to reach outside to get info. Any idea what needs to be done?!

It works for me :-). Check Grafana server logs first

Not sure if this is something related to the version, Tried installing the previous version of grafana and I dont have the issue of listing the plugins and datasources 10.1.5-1. Will look further and keep posted if I find anything.