Data source problems

Hello everyone!

I am migrating a server, and I have made a backup and a resotre of the influx databases.

The problem is that I have the same panel in both places, the old server and the new server.

In the old server, nothing works but this panel:

In the new server, is the other way around, besides the last data information is in weird time because at that time no one was working:

It is clear that the old panel works because influx is receiving data in the data source it consults (icinga2), what I am not able to know is what sends that data or where it is configured to be able to replicate it in the new one.

How can I know what or who is writing to my influx database?

Thank you very much! :bouquet:

Might be a good question to also as in influxdb community forum.
Who set this influxdb up? Is it on same server as grafana?


Thank you very much, sorry I should have asked in the influx forum.

Yes the database was on the same grafana server.

It turns out that the problem was related to icinga2 and a nagios plugin

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