Data links on "No data" or "Field not found"

Grafana version 10.2
I am using the Canvas panel in the dashboard, the data source is Prometheus, and data is coming from the Victoria metrics endpoint. The various elements like text, metric value and server are used to show status and color. I have some fields which has no data at the moment, but I have manually added the metric values in the fields and field override json part of the dashboard for those elements in the canvas. However, I am trying to add data links on these fields with ‘Field not found’ and ‘no data’ in the field override section but it won’t work.

What I have tried:

  1. I have specified value mappings for Null, empty string, and NaN in the field override as well to show specific colors for fields with no data but it doesn’t work
  2. Used thresholds to set color for such fields
  3. Used csv-data source to get static data but csv only gets the last value, skipping rows works but then the data link will not work on this

I always want to show the status of the time series data even if the metrics are not present in the database right now but can come later… the color should be set according to field names and values.
so if it the field name is “metric1” and value is 0 then yellow color on the text and server elements, if 1 then green color, if 2 then gray and if 3 then red…
but suppose if “metric2” has no value returned, i add this metric2 manually in json output of the dashboard assigning it to another server and text element: but the field value is something like this - metric2 (not found)
and i want to override this not found field and add color or data link to this…

Waiting for the solution.