Data linking to panel with no data

Hi Grafana community,
I’m quite new to Grafana.

I’m currently using Grafana 9.5x.

I’m trying to set up data links to documentation for each panel. It’s working fine for panels with data. But I’m having some panels where the Prometheus query is “up == 0”, this will give an “Empty query result” and result in “No data” in Grafana.

  • What happened
    When there’s data, my data link is working and I click on the panel. When there isn’t my data link isn’t working.

How can I fix this, so my data link is working all the time?

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

I’m using Grafana 10.2 and would like to have the same feature.

Is it possible to have the stat panel clickable navigating to the configured link data even if query returns ‘No data’?