Canvas can't override Field not found

Hello Community members
I have a Problem with my Grafana Dashboard, more Precisely with my Canvas inside the Dashboard.
Some infos about the Dashboard:
I’m using Zabbix as backend and Grafana as frontend.
The Canvas works in combination with a variable, wich holds al wanted hosts, so i can give a repeat command for the Canvas and get my created Canvas for every server in the variable.
I habe querys from A to E, so 5 querys, in that canvas
A: Is the Agent reachable
B: Storage of C:
C: Storage of D:
D: Storage of I:
E: uninstalled windows updates
Some server have only C:, some have C:\ and D:, some have all three.

I wanted to create a variable managed canvas that shows different stuff depending on what storage is found an other options.

My Problem ist as you can see in the picture above, that everything i can get is, “Field not found” for every query that does not has current data for the specified host.
I actually cant even see a table for the missing data or pick the query as an option, as you can see here.
There should be 5 querys as an option.
Also the picked query is marked as not found and will disappear if something else gets picked.

The Value mapping already has a rule for missing data but it just gets ignored.

How can i override the “Field not found” entry?

Thanks in advance for your answers

In Prometheus,
just need to add “OR on() vector(0)” to the end of expression like this,

I don’t use Canvas, but I tried to simulate the problem.

The devil is in the detail. How to identify it correctly. The system volumes have a different name. And you can solve this problem if you use a regular expression in the Overrides.

I used /\(C:\): Used space/ and I have no problem.

Open the canvas and select Override in the upper right corner. In the next step, select the + Add override field button and select the field : field with the name matching the regex.
Now you can use the me regex: /\(C:\): Used space/and click the + Add Override property button and select the Standard Option > Show Name field. And enter some custom name in the new field. For example, I’ll type “C: used”.

For more information about regexes, see the Zabbix and Grafana plugin documentation

As for the renaming problem, I have not been able to solve it, I would even believe that it is a property and cannot be edited