Grafana Losing variables

I’m in Grafana v7.3.3 (2489dc4d3a) and I cannot figure out what’s wrong with following issue:
I have a dashboard with 2 variables, host=X and group=Y, referring to zabbix data source datas.
When I “save as” a dashboard to a new one, and I change the variables, for instance, as host=W and group=Z, all datas change as expected to the new host/group, but after some time, datas change back, referring to the old variables. Furthermore, if I remove and re-create the variables, I have same effect: firstly datas change correctly to the new host, then after some time it revert to old host.
Maybe I’m missing something?
Thanks in advance,

first, please install the latest version and try again

Hello and thank you for your quick answer, I managed to upgrade to version v7.3.6 (ea06633c34).
After that, I removed and re-created the variables in the dashboard and it seemed to lose again it after some time.
Then, while saving the dashboard, I noticed the checkbox “Save current variables values as dashboard default”. Checking it and then saving seemed to fix the issue. Maybe I just missed this option in the first place, but may I ask why exactly that happened? Is that expected? Above all, why there’s some time before the dashboard ignores the new variables? Just being curious :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot again for your patience,

yes, thank you

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