Dashboard sharing doesn't show live data

We have a private Grafana instance. We use only a proxied data source (InfluxDB).

We would like to publish dashboards for showing on a big screen to be left on 24/7, which will be connected to a PC which is inaccessible and should show the dashboard immediately after boot (browser / kiosk).

I would have hoped that there would be an option to generate a private link to allow the big screen PC to bypass Grafana authentication, a bit like the Share Snapshot does, but with live data.

Is this possible? How do you do it in your environment?

There is currently no way to generate a link that bypasses authentication. You can enable anonymous access (with viewer role) or use the Auth Proxy to automatically log a user in.

There is an issue for this feature but it is not being worked on right now as far as I know: