Dashboard returns 404 after updating Grafana from ver 6 to 9

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
    grafana-server : Version 9.1.0 (commit: 82e32447b4, branch: HEAD)
    grafana-cli : Grafana CLI version 9.1.0
    OS : Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (Focal Fossa)

Hello everyone.
Please understand that I am a grafana newbie and not good at English. :smiley:

After upgrade from v6.2.2 to v9.1.0, url not working. (not Docker)

In v6.2.2
which works normally, the redirect appears as follows.

In 9.1.0
url ( returns only 404 not found.
no erros in /var/log/grafana/grafana.log

Chrome Console

How do I fix this to use url like this?

Can you reach the dashboard without using your old link ?
Is this dashboard still exist under this name ?
I can notice you change your IP between v6 and v9, may you can verify if you have no issue on this side

Thanks for the reply.

v6 and v9 installed are different hosts.
The same issue occurs even when installed on the same host.

If I click the dashboad or use the following url, it works well.

and why don’t you use an this link ? if it’s working well…

Because I’m not sure if I’ve set it up properly.
And I wonder why it doesn’t work.