Dashboard restrictions

Greetings, Is it possible to have a dashboard displayed to a viewer full screen with no menu or options at all? The scenario is that I want to display data to customers without any intervention on their part. They log in and can monitor only.

~ the grafana team

Hi @iomari,

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Yes, it is possible :smiley:

You can use the Kiosk mode so that the menu gets removed and looks like watching a live TV (but for monitoring).

Here is the link to the guide as how to use it.

Hope this helps !!

You can lock it to kiosk mode for a logged in user? Couldn’t they hit esc key and see the hidden details?

@yosiasz and @usmanahmad are both right. I don’t think there was ever a great solution for this, which is why we have a new feature called Public Dashboards that is now in alpha: Here are the docs, which include steps for turning on the feature toggle: