Disable Dashboard Browsing for public Org


I am providing some dashboards to my customers by a direct link to the Dashboard.
The Dashboards are members of the “public” Org. and are accessible without a login.

Is it possible to prevent public users from seeing other public Dashboards or even access the Grafana menus ?
So the will only be able to see their Dashboard by direct link and nothing else ?

P.S. i know there is a “kiosk mode” but this can be disabled by pressing “esc”

Thanks for the support!

Hi @calkoe,

To answer your specific question: no, unfortunately you cannot disable dashboard browsing for a public org.

I think I’ve come up with a hack-workaround for disabling esc while in kiosk mode. I have it working in my developer environment rn, but it involves modifying the code in keybindingSrv.ts:

change these four lines from this:

import { exitKioskMode, toggleKioskMode } from '../navigation/kiosk';
        if (search.kiosk) {

to this:

import { toggleKioskMode } from '../navigation/kiosk';
//        if (search.kiosk) {
//          exitKioskMode();
//       }

Technically, this hack appears to work, but who knows what trouble it might cause…

You can lock out several other features like explore using configuration settings. Check out a popular public dashboard like Wikimedia’s. This is probably the best lockout you can achieve without modifying the code.

And while the save button still appears, users with viewer privileges cannot save anything. Their edits are ephemeral.

Have you explored using the anonymous auth setting in your .ini file?

Also check out the viewers can edit setting..

If you need more customization, you can try embedding the panel in your own website.